venerdì 29 maggio 2009

Curator: Vitaly Patsyukov

Art critic, curator, born in 1939 in Moscow.

In 1964 graduated from the Moscow Aviation Engineering Institute and simultaneously from the Institute of Light Industry, majoring in “Art Design”.

From 1968 worked on Radio Youth as an observer on contemporary art.

From 1971 studied professionally the theoretical and philosophical aspects of contemporary art and was a regular contributor to the “A-Ya”, a magazine of non-official Russian culture.

In 1985-2000 carried out a number of independent art projects devoted to the history of Russian “non-conformism”, which featured the work of such noted artists as Ilya Kabakov, Erik Bulatov, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Vladimir Nemukhin, Eduard Shteinberg, Mikhail Roginsky, Oscar Rabin, and others.

Also organized the following art projects in Russia and abroad: “Labirynth” (Moscow-Warsaw-Hamburg, 1989), “Dialogue” (Boris Vian Art Center, Paris, 1990), “Moscow-Tallinn” (1995), “Moscow as a Capital of World Photography” (Columbia University, USA, 2002).

In 1998-2002 presented programs on visual culture at the cultural center “DOM”.

Since 2002, curator at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), and head of the department for experimental programs. Organized the following exhibition projects within the NCCA programs: “Kabakov” (2002), “Bulatov” (2003), “Photogramma” (2005), “Caucasus” (2006), “Europe+” (2006), “Double/Remake” (2007), “Visual Acoustics” (2007), “”Word and Image” (2007), “Amidst the Universe” (2008), “Bricollage” (2008), “The Cinema as an Art Image” (2009), and others.

Winner of the “Innovation” Prize for the curatorship of the exhibition project “Visual Acoustics” (2007).

Specializes in the impact of the classical avant-garde on modern-day avant-garde trends in art.

At present heads the department of experimental programs at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts under the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture. Board member of the Malevich Foundation. Member of the Advising Board at the Department of Fine Arts of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture.